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Covert Hypnosis is the art of controlling the mind of somebody else and therefore their actions. It was first created by a great psychiatrist named Milton H Erickson he was the absolute master and expert in his field. Covert Hypnosis is also known as conversational hypnosis. With the techniques taught by the famous Igor Ledochowski of international acclaim, you will learn how to change the opinion of any one engaged in a conversation with you to suit you, to control any one you come into contact with and you will command respect and admiration of who you desire.

Anyone you come into contact with will not be able to help liking you and trusting you. Covert hypnosis is not hard to pick up and implement with people you know or complete strangers. As you can imagine to learn this tool is to have great power and is to be used wisely. This technique can be and is practiced by businessmen and women, salesmen and women and all sorts of entrepreneurs, and people are using these techniques more than what you think. It is primarily used to build a rapport and command a degree of respect which attracts the listener to you. Upon using the techniques in power of conversational hypnosis you will achieve success were you please and will be able to teach others the same techniques. You will be able to attain peak confidence in yourself when you most need it or when ever you need it.

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Now there is a well known misconception or stereotype that people who do not know about covert hypnosis have and that is that it is some kind of magic or witch like spell, this is not the case at all, the truth is that it is a method of tapping in to the subconscious mind of the listener without them realising. This does not mean that they have not given consent it just means that they do not realise at which point they go under the hypnosis and they are in your control. The possibilities applying the methods taught in the power of conversational hypnosis program are truly quite limitless as you learn how to tweak your technique wisdom, powers of perception and intelligence to achieve your desires.

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